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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Learn How to Trade Stock Options

This is a post for my Stock Options E-Book. I have revised my e-book with better than ever examples, and descriptions. I have also included some information about the Greeks and how options are priced. The price I charge is $7.99 and I am now offering a 100% money back guarantee! I guarantee you'll be able to understand options more clearly and will have a chance at creating wealth from stock you hold in your portfolio. I have simplified the terms so that it is in plain English. You will not be confused with my E-Book like most text books you find about options. Below are some examples of options I've traded on my Trade King account, and it is not proving that I've made a ton of money, but in terms of % gains it is a lot of money. Of course I have lost money speculating, but when writing covered calls it is much safer!

The first two examples are of stock I owned called Western Refinery. I started with 2000 shares, and wrote out 20 contracts for month 1, at expiration 8 contracts were exercised, and the other 12 expired without getting exercised. I then had 1200 shares left and wrote them out for another month, but purchased them back for 20% of what I received. The second two examples are of stocks I speculated with. So try my E-Book and learn how to trade stock options guaranteed!
(Click on an image to see a larger more clear picture).

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