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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stock Option E-Book Update: Even Better & Easier To Understand Stock Options

I finished updating my two E-Books earlier this week and they have become easier than ever to understand. I have also partnered with OptionsXpress, which adds a lot of color, especially to the option chains listed throughout my books; they are much easier to understand now! I have also had my books published on the Amazon Kindle network if you're interested in downloading it to your kindle check out Understanding the Basics of Options - A Simplified Guide to Trading Stock Options (Kindle Edition) and Understanding Advanced Option Strategies - A Simplified Guide to Trading Stock Options (Kindle Edition). I am very excited for my new e-book releases and hope you all enjoy them. Anyone that has purchased E-Books in the past please email me with your Paypal transaction ID and I'll be more than happy to send you updated copies of my new E-Books absolutely free. If you're trying to learn about stock options these books will be a great read for this extended weekend. Thanks again to everyone, enjoy your long weekend! Sphere: Related Content

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