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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

An Alternate Investment: Domain Name Investing

I am just writing a quick post to inform everybody on domain name investing. If you have a catchy name or idea you can register a .com name for $11 a year. I just purchased the domain name for my cheese company and I plan on having it forward directly to my site shortly. I paid a nice premium for this domain so you never know who will want to buy your domain names or ideas if you register them today! I registered a catchy name in 2008, which is Italian for beautiful Mozzarella. This page forwards directly to our Mozzarella Cheese page and I am still very happy with the purchase. If you ever have a good idea I encourage you to spend the $11 to register the domain name, because thousands of companies and individuals search catchy domain names for their business or if you happen to register someones business name before it is their name you could really hit a home run. I just thought I know this is a blog for stock, futures, and options but I figured I would throw a curve ball in to my redaers and inform them of an alternate investment. Sphere: Related Content

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