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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Weekly Breakout Report: 15 Healthcare Stocks to Watch

Here is an updated list of 15 stocks I'll be watching over the next week (as of pre-market June 18, 2009). Although the coverage of the Swine Flu has dwindled somewhat, as the Google news article timeline shows below, it's still a serious issue and could spark increased interest among the Pharma stocks (note data is published after month end which explains why June does not have any news reported on this timeline).

There is also increased coverage of the healthcare sector due to the Obama administration’s plan (I don't know what to think of this yet). Therefore I decided I would devote this weekly breakout report only on stocks from the Healthcare sector.

These are the current highest bull/bear rated stocks my technical screener has returned for the healthcare field (Bull:Bear ratio after each stock ticker). I have also indicated after each stock the Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) rating for each (Rating from 1 to 99, 99 being the highest composite rating; indicated after Bull:Bear ratio). To get a detailed definition of the bull/bear components check my Bull/Bear Ratio Defined Blog post by clicking here. To get a detailed list of criteria IBD uses to rate these stocks click here.

DexCom Inc (DXCM) 13:0 (IBD Rated 82)

MTS Medication Technologies (MTSI) 12:0 (IBD Rated 96)

Nymox Pharmaceutical (NYMX) 11:0 (IBD Rated 82)

AstraZeneca (AZN) 10:0 (IBD Rated 91)

Rockwell Medical Technologies (RMTI) 13:1 (IBD Rated 45)

Owens and Minor (OMI) 11:1 (IBD Rated 63)

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals (SPPI) 10:1 (IBD Rated 98)

Chindex International (CHDX) 10:1 (IBD Rated 91)

Young Innovations (YDNT) 10:1 (IBD Rated 88)

Accuray (ARAY) 10:1 (IBD Rated 83)

MannKind (MNKD) 10:1 (IBD Rated 82)

Haemonetics Corp (HAE) 11:2 (IBD Rated 77)

Gilead Sciences (GILD) 10:2 (IBD Rated 90)

Celgene (CELG) 10:2 (IBD Rated 80)

Amgen (AMGN) 9:2 (IBD Rated 79)

I do not hold any of these stocks yet, but I am most interested in DexCom, MTS Medication Technologies, and Spectrum Pharmaceuticals. I will be looking to get into them on weakness. If they offer options, I may choose to speculate by purchasing Calls, or using the buy/write option strategy (for more info on these strategies check out my E-Books).

Below are some stocks I own, blog about frequently, and include in every Breakout Stock Report (no specific order).

Visa (V) 3:9 (IBD Rated 94)

Caterpillar (CAT) 2:10 (IBD rated 16)

Research in Motion (RIMM) 4:7 (IBD rated 99)

Palm (PALM) 9:1 (IBD rated 16) (IBD rated 70)

Google (GOOG) 6:5 (IBD rated 97)

Bank of America (BAC) 4:8 (IBD rated 63)

Sirius Satellite Radio (SIRI) 11:4 (IBD rated 38)

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