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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

3 PM Hot Stock Watch: Possible Option Trade

I have been watching a stock for about 2 weeks now known as Gulfport Energy Corp (GPOR). It is rated a 95 by Investor's Business Daily (IBD) (click here for more info) and has a current bull bear ratio of 12:0 (click here for more info). This has experienced a near 10% pull-back so I am looking at getting in soon. GPOR still looks bullish to me over the next month, as I believe we'll see oil and gas prices peak around mid July. I would like to open the 7.50 June or July options. I am bidding a nickel a share for June, and will see what kind of bargaining I can do for the July 7.50 strike. I do not want to pay more than 5% premium per current share price (at $7 a share would be $35 a contract) for the July 7.50. Sphere: Related Content


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