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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Google Q2 Earnings Predictions. Win a Prize

For fun I decided to ask you (my readers) what you think Google's Q2 earnings will be. The Wall street consensus estimate is Google will earn $5.08 a share. They report earnings after the bell on Thursday July 16, 2009. Simply answer: beat or miss, your per share estimate, and any other comments (maybe why you believe this) in the comment section to this post. I am giving away a small prize for the winner. I will send the person with the closest guess to Google's actual earnings, a Merrill Lynch Squeeze Bull AKA "Stress Bull". No I have not taken my aggressions out on this bull, it's brand new. If 5 people have the same earnings estimate, and it happens to be the closest to their actual earnings, I guess I'll be sending out 5 Merrill Lynch Squeeze Bulls... To see if you've won the contest, remember you're guess and check back. Create a Google account, use your open ID, or email me right after you guess with your info (I will not use your email address for any other reasons) so I can get in touch with you on where to send the squeeze bull. Get your estimate in before the bell Thursday. Like I said it's just for fun and want to hear your ideas. I estimate Google will beat earnings and report $5.28 a share.

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Jodie Ball said...

I think Google will beat and report $5.14 a share. Great blog keep it up!

Gina Rambaldo said...

Great idea and hope I get a bull! I think Google misses and reports $4.88 a share ;(

Zac said...

Hey Marco, cooool idea. Google is going to beat with $5.40 a share. you have my email - bought your e-books earlier

Anonymous said...

Google misses and reports $5.00

Paul US said...

Google beats with $5.22 a share

Anonymous said...

Google will miss horribly and report $3.50

444 said...

I'm sorry that I don't have an intelligent guess. I just wanted to tell you that I gave your blog an award. Come on over to see it!

(This isn't spam - I just added you to my blogroll when I was searching for information about leveraged and inverse ETFs.) I find your blog interesting even though it's largely over my head - but learning always involves stretching, right?)

Marco H said...

Thanks 444 nice blog

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