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Friday, April 3, 2009

Palm Still on FIRE! Update to Palm Pre Release Date and Pricing Information

Palm continues to show strength as it is approaching $10 per share. Today Palm had a little help from the great earnings report from Research In Motion (RIMM) last night. However my prediction on Palm to release more info on the PRE phone by today did not happen. The street is still very excited about this device, as the price per share has soared over 56% since the market opened on March 10, 2009. Today Palm made a fresh 52 week high at $9.69 a share and signals are still very bullish! The Bull/Bear ratio on Palm is 10:2 (for more info see my Bull/Bear ratio defined post on my hottest blog posts), with the two bearish statistics being CVAD, and Stochastic(5). Looking at the options market for Palm, there is a 30% chance we'll see palm over $11 per share by April expiration! 1799 April 10 Call contracts traded for Palm today at $35-$60 per contract, and 287 April 11 Call contracts traded for Palm today at $20-$25 per contract. There are just 15 days (less non trading days) left until these contracts expire! Another extremely bullish sign on Palm.

I received an email from Palm yesterday announcing a glimpse at some upcoming apps for the new Palm Pre, so I have to believe that the phone pricing and release date information will be made public soon! Below is a picture of the phone with the applications, and here is the text taken directly from the email about these new applications: "FlightView, which features built-in notifications so you know when your flight’s delayed. Or Fandango, which lets you buy movie tickets from your Palm Pre phone and add the times right to your calendar. Call it webOS integration or call it thinking ahead. Either way, it’s a beautiful thing."

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