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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) Research Paper

I wrote a research paper on trading carbon credits not too long ago. I have uploaded it to my alternate website President Obama has been talking about the "cap and trade program" lately and if this is serious, these carbon contracts traded on the CCX could take off. They have been quite stable since I wrote this research paper in October-November, but that doesn't mean they'll stay stable. You may find it helpful to keep an eye on the carbon credit contract prices, which trade daily on the Chicago Climate Exchange, because I think the contract prices are a great leading economic indicator. When the prices for these contracts start to rise, it could be an indication that we are emerging out of this recession. If you'd like to familiarize yourself with The Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) which is a trading market for carbon credits, or just more about carbon emission offsets, and the trading instruments associated with them (these are purchased by companies when increasing production, this is because they'll emit more when producing more), then you may find my research paper useful.

To Download the PDF file of My Chicago Climate and Carbon Emissions Research Paper CLICK HERE

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