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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pre-Market Weak Sign or Strong Sign?

When it is earlier than midnight many argue that pre-market futures cannot predict anything. I think that they do predict a lot, and possibly the entire trading day. I always check the pre-market before I go to sleep or check on it throughout the night, and I have to say that it does indeed predict the market opening. It seems when pre-market is down and Asian markets open stronger, it influences the U.S. markets more than people think. I have watched the futures turn around after the Asian markets open many times, and it predicts the open for the U.S. markets. This gives me an idea of how the trading day should play out, or at least the opening (assuming that there is no ground-breaking news). Anyway I thought I would share this. I am working on a gadget that allows people to check the pre-market data on this blog, as well as the market throughout the day.

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