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Monday, October 26, 2009

Most Active Stock Options October 26, 2009 & Trading Activity

As of today the top ten most active stock option contracts traded were:
  1. S&P 500 SPDR (NYSE:SPY) November 107 Put Options
  2. Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) November 15 Put Options
  3. Bank of America November 16 Call Options
  4. S&P 500 SPDR November 108 Put Options
  5. Citigroup (NYSE:C) November 5 Call Options
  6. PowerShares QQQ (NASDAQ:QQQQ) November 43 Put Options
  7. S&P 500 SPDR November 109 Call Options
  8. S&P 500 SPDR November 106 Put Options
  9. Bank of America November 17.50 Call Options
  10. PowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bullish (NYSE:UUP) December 23 Call Options
The top contracts traded today seemed to be a bit more bullish than the past few days. The UUP is very rare to see among the most active. Could this be signaling a stronger dollar ahead? I am a bit skeptical going long if the dollar gains strength as I think it will put pressure on the market. I am anxiously awaiting the Case-Shiller and the consumer confidence reports which come out tomorrow at 9 and 10 AM respectively. I did not trade too much today, but will certainly look at taking a long position in the UUP if dollar strength continues tomorrow. I will look to sell puts on Buffalo Wild Wings (BWLD) and Visa (V) for sure tomorrow before their earnings releases. Revenue seems to be the key driver in all earnings reports so far! Sphere: Related Content


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