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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Most Active Stock Options August 11, 2009

For Tuesday August 11, 2009 the top ten most active option contracts traded were:
  1. Citigroup August 5 Call Option
  2. Citigroup August 4 Call Option
  3. Citigroup September 4 Call Option
  4. Citigroup August 3 Put Option
  5. Wal-Mart August 45 Call option
  6. Citigroup January 20 Put Option
  7. Bank of America August 16 Put Option
  8. Citigroup September 3 Put Option
  9. BP August 48 Call Option
  10. Duke Energy August 15 Call Option
As you can see some names which are unusually in the top contracts include Wal-Mart, BP, and Duke Energy all spinning out dividends August 12, which is most likely the reason for the high volume. It's not everyday you don't see a major ETF (DIA, QQQQ, SPY) trade in the most actives. Other than that I believe everything is quite normal with the exception of the Citigroup 20 Put option being among the most active. Sphere: Related Content


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