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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Economic Recession Unfolds Video

Economic Recession Unfolds: Low Rates = Growth = High Inflation = Oil Shock = Consumer Crunch = Many Foreclosures = Credit Crisis = Stock Market Crash = Consumer Confidence at Record Low = Bad Economy

It's a vicious circle...

Can you really cure a hangover with another drink?

I created this video to show how we got to where we are in the economy today (in a nutshell). The various songs used in this video are reserved by original artists. The pictures and news articles used in this video are reserved by original sites.

Please comment on how you like my video. Also if you'd please share this video I'd greatly appreciate it!

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Anonymous said...

It's a pretty general view of things.
I liked the songs you chose but where was Pink Floyd?

Where you made the connection between the housing scam and the collapse.... it looked more like recent history. Actually the housing scam began way back in the 60's when prices of houses in California began to double. In California where the scam still rules even cutting house prices in half won't really reflect their true value. Hot air, hype, inflation.... all go together. This economy has not even begun to collapse. Try five more legs down before its over. There is no foundation to any of this.

Sohin said...

Loved the video.Very insightful and u've definitely followed the turn of events better than most. Hit me back

Option Maestro said...

Thanks for your comment. Pink Floyd is actually one of my favorite bands and I debated using the song "money" or "us and them". Good point about this recession being "a long time coming", I totally agree. It is a little tough to find news articles from the past 6 months let alone almost 50 years ago. And recent events have certainly attributed to it as well. Also using recent material (media/pictures) makes today's viewer more interested in the video.

Option Maestro said...

Thanks for your comment Sohin.

Jerome said...

Great vid. I was looking for the stimulus. part II!

Option Maestro said...

Thank you for your comment Jerome

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