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Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Blog About HOG & Update to Crude Oil Blog

Today I was buying contracts for the March 10 strike for HOG (Harley Davidson) for $1.00 a share or $100 a contract. I think this could be a good trade. It was near its 52 week low today and held, so I think it may have a chance to rally. The last time I bought HOG calls I was able to make a quick 500% return. I am looking at getting out of these while the time value is still above $.70 a share. The ticker for this particular option is JOZCB and closed at $1.10.

**Crude Oil Update**

Today I took some of my crude oil position off of the table today with a 50% gain in 2 days. I think oil has a chance to run to 60, therefore I will hold the remaining call contracts until that level.

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